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Climate change, white supremacy, colonialism, & heteronormativity: An unsettling connection

Title: Unsettling: Surviving Extinction Together

Author(s) and Year: Elizabeth Weinberg 2022

Publisher: Broadleaf Books

​TL;DR: Climate, queer, and anti-racism activisms are seemingly distinct from one another, but they are in fact all challenging the same oppressive structures. This book explains how tackling the climate crisis will require us to make some major changes that include grappling with the colonial and racist history that got us here and dismantling the colonial and capitalist structures that are now keeping the climate crisis at this peak. The book also has a science communication message that art and creative writing can be fruitful spaces for science communication.

Why I chose this book: I met Elizabeth Weinberg and learned about her book in a science communication circle. I was fascinated by her storytelling skills and innovative ideas. In her book, she seamlessly blends art and science to communicate about some of the most complex ideas of our time.

In this episode of the SciCommBites video interview series, we chat with Elizabeth Weinberg about her book on rethinking climate change through taking a nuanced queerness and antiracism lens.

Read the video transcript here:

Download PDF • 25KB


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