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Writing for SciCommBites is a great opportunity for early-career science communicators to hone their reading, writing and editing skills while translating science communication research in a digestible, engaging, and applicable way. SciCommBites articles are generally ~750 words and written for a non-expert audience (no jargon). No prior writing experience necessary! We aim to provide a collaborative and constructive environment to help you develop your skills while you build your writing portfolio and a network of science communicators.

 SciCommBites authors generally fall into one of two categories:

  1. Regular Authors: Early career science communicators who commit to writing a SciCommBite one month, and editing a SciCommBite the next month, with a commitment of one year. Applications for regular authorship usually open in October/November.

  2. Guest authors: If you don't consider yourself "early career" in science communication (we're flexible with that definition!) or you can't commit to writing six articles per year, fear not! We'd still love to hear from you. Contact us by filling this form, and we'll be in touch! Please note we're currently developing our guest authorship procedures. Don't hesitate to get in touch to express interest (and rest assured that we do see your messages!), but it will be a bit longer before we can officially accept guest post requests! Stay tuned!

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