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Carolyn Pralle, MS is an ecologist, science communicator, and poet. She works as the Land Conservationist for Adams County, Wisconsin. She earned her master's in Biological and Environmental Sciences from the University of Rhode Island (URI) in 2021. For her research, she collaborated with a team of community-scientists on rare wildlife conservation. She was also the senior coordinator at URI's sci-comm focused Graduate Writing Center.

Carolyn's career centers on nature and writing. After earning her BA from Wheaton College, she traveled as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow to Dominica, Botswana, Australia, Tuvalu, and China studying nature conservation and creative writing. She is the co-founder of the arts partnership Endless Beautiful, an interactive, audio-based creativity engine.

Her poems and essays have been published in various small presses and digital magazines such as the eWildlifer, the Rhode Island Naturalist, and The Dewdrop. You can find her on Twitter @eco_carolyn or Instagram at @eb_creativity.

Carolyn Pralle

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